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League Rules


Players will play 4 on 4 with a cross court game. There will be 2 games going on between the opposing teams at the same time.

Please divide the gym with player benches down the middle to define the 2 courts. Coaches can decide how they want to split their team to play the 2 games - girls vs girls/boys vs boys/coed games split randomly or by skill level. Coaches can decide if they want to switch the sides halfway through the game time or keep the sides set for the entire time.


● Player development is our main focus at U11 - many players will be playing for the first time and will need lots of guidance and teaching of the rules during the games.

● Game time - how much time per half etc. - can be determined by the coaches running the bench and communicated to the U17 Jr. Officials. This means coaches can call timeouts to ensure players get rest when it is required.

● Jr. Officials have been scheduled for U11 games - please remember that these kids are learning to officiate and doing their best. Players, parents, and coaches must demonstrate respect and tolerance of their calls.

● There are no score clocks in the U11 gyms so coaches will have to watch the time for shifts and games.

● Score will not be kept at U11 games.

● No full court press at U11.

● RDMBA teams will play their players as close to equal court time as possible.

● Hoops will be placed at 9', if hoops are not marked, use best judgement.



1. Ten-minute stop time quarters. Clock stops in last two minutes of game after each score - Unless score difference is greater than 20 pts.

2. Overtime: 3 minutes (1 timeout per team per overtime)

3. Shot clock: 24-second (U17) and 30-second (U13/U15) at the discretion of the officials. A warning at 10 seconds.

4. Half time is 5 minutes.

5. Two timeouts per half.

6. No zone defense at U13 and U15, we want our players to play man to man defense. U17 zone defense is permitted but not encouraged.

7. No Full Court press at U13, unless the game is within 4 points with less than 15 seconds left in the game. Full court pressure is admissible at U15 and U17 unless the team is up by twenty or more points, at which point full court pressure must be stopped. No zone pressing is allowed at the U15 level, only at the U17 level.

8. RDMBA teams will play their players as close to equal as possible.

Land Acknowledgement

Red Deer Minor Basketball Association acknowledges that we are on two territories: Treaty Six territory to the North of the Red Deer River and Treaty Seven territory to the South of the Red Deer River. We respect the histories, languages, and cultures of First Nations, Métis, Inuit, and all First Peoples of Canada, whose footsteps have marked these lands for centuries and whose presence continues to enrich our vibrant community.

Red Deer Minor Basketball Association Sponsors

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